Boulevard Shopping Complex

Boulevard Shopping Complex: Over 80 shops, a post office, a hypermarket a department store, a moneychanger and a bank. Good food is availale at the rooptop level of this five story building, which also boasts a playground and a video arcade. This center caters for exhibition and function, with a seating capacity for 2000 people.

Providing over 270, 000 sq ft of net lettable commercial space, Boulevard Shopping Complex is the highlight of Boulevard Centre. The anchor tenant is the BOULEVARD HYPERMARKET & DEPARTMENTAL STORE, which occupies over 100,000 sq ft of floor space, including a large indoor wet and dry market on the upper ground floor level.
There are 88 arcade shops that spread over three levels in the remaining section of the Complex. Other features include exhibition and leisure hall, food court, IT Center and Children Playland on the third floor.

It is very popular among young Mirians and also Bruneians from the neighboring country. The Boulevard HyperMarket within offers attractive prices and merchandise seldom found elsewhere and on occasion great discounts. It is also one of the very few shopping complexes that offer a huge parking space for its customers, so there is not much to worry about parking congestion.

The complex is simply a pleasure to be in, with a fountain in the ground floor, plenty of seating areas and food & drink outlets for those who tire from shopping. There are usually a lot of functions going on during festive seasons as entertainment for the shoppers.

The contact details:
Boulevard Shopping Mall
LOT 2528, Boulevard Shopping Complex,
Jalan Boulevard Utama,
98000 Miri,
Telephone: 6 085 - 432999

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